You’re in Great Shape: Understanding and Applying Shaping

Shaping behavior by reinforcing small steps toward a future goal is one of the core processes of clicker training, and is the key to creative and limitless training.

On Guard! Modification of Food Guarding

Learn an efficient and effective method to help clients who are dealing with food-related aggression.

Missteps, Myths & Mantras: Keeping Your Training On Track

Ken Ramirez shows how to avoid some of the most common mistakes and ill-advised shortcuts trainers take, and explores the reasons we are often tempted to go in the wrong direction.

At Your Service: Teaching Service Dog Behaviors

Learn what it takes and what it's like to be a service dog raised in a clicker trained environment. 

The Art of Practice

Excellence evolves from practicing.  Join Kay as she explores how to turn practice time into an exhilarating and rewarding experience.

Gimme Shelter: Training & Enrichment

Imagine a shelter where the dogs do not bark, the cats can do tricks, and everybody is smiling. Find out how this "dream shelter" can be a reality!