Swedish Authorities Eva Bertilsson and Emelie Johnson Vegh Share Their Secret to Great Starts

In competitive settings, as in everyday life, the need for great stays and great starts is frequent, but the achievement is frequently elusive.

Debbie Martin Shares Her Approach to Teaching a Successful Puppy Class

Early intervention, focused on exploration and prevention, is the key to averting behavioral problems and relinquishment.

Karen Pryor on Her Fascinating Career and the Advent of Modern Training

Karen Pryor takes you from the earliest days of her own first uses of operant conditioning with dolphins to the scientific conference in 1992, where Karen and some friends introduced the plastic toy that gives our training its name.

Ken Ramirez Shares the Art of Combining Cues

Experienced trainers and animals often look for new challenges and ideas to stretch and expand their abilities. Combining cues can help animals learn new behaviors more quickly.

Kathy Sdao Shares Strategies of Classical Counter-conditioning and Desensitization in Treatment of Reactive Dogs

Classical conditioning can be very useful in treating situations that trigger a dog's emotional reflexes, such as fear
and/or aggression.

Michele Pouliot Shows How the Clicked Retrieve Can Become a Highly Useful Skill in Your Dog’s Repertoire

The “retrieve” behavior is impressive to watch and useful to train for competitive obedience, service dog work, or just for fun.