A Moment of Science: Clicker training 101 - (Part 2)

ClickerExpo 2010 - Kathy Sdao - Getting Started - Critical Concepts - Full length -

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Are you new to clicker training? Or are you using it, but are a bit confused by the terminology and the reasons behind what we do? Here's a crash course, in two parts, on clicker training, learning theory, and the laws governing how learning really works. You'll learn what you need to know about the underlying science to take your training to a new level.

Kathy Sdao, psychologist, marine mammal trainer, and dog professional, is a gifted teacher who will help you understand why the principles work and what all those terms really mean. Start your ClickerExpo experience on Friday morning with these two Sessions and you will have the foundation and vocabulary to help you understand, enjoy, and benefit from the rest of the program.

If you have been using a clicker but are not fully familiar with the science behind it, you will find this Session to be highly worthwhile as well.

Part 1: What is training?; laws of learning; operant conditioning; antecedents, behavior, and consequences; types of consequences; extinction.

Part 2: Selection of reinforcements; the Premack Principle; schedules of reinforcement; cues as reinforcers; classical conditioning.

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90 minutes