Agility Right from the Start: Foundation Skills

ClickerExpo 2011 - Emelie Johnson-Vegh - Eva Bertilsson - Full length -

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This Session is about agility right from the start! Foundation skills form the core of agility, and are valuable not only in the beginning of your training but throughout your career. Agility is a complex sport and fun and successful training comes from building the needed skills bit by bit. In this Session, you’ll learn both what to train and how to train it!

Attendees will learn the basics of clever clicker training for agility using our two favorite strategies to get behavior: “aim for it” and “race to reward.” You’ll also learn trainer and handler skills, reward requirements, transports, and useful foundation skills such going between/over/under and creating noise and movement. These things are important for trainers to know because both you and your dog will have more fun and be more successful when you get things right from very beginning. By teaching yourself and your dog all the foundation skills, you set the stage for success and lay the base for fast, independent, and reliable obstacle performance. Through our foundation training, proper handling (your body-language cues) is built-in right from the start, establishing good habits for both you and your dog. In short, this Session will cover everything you need to know about agility training!

Eva and Emelie’s vivid lecturing style is accompanied by lots of examples and demonstrations on stage and on video.

Even though the Session focuses on agility, the principles and ideas presented are valuable to all trainers who compete in canine sports. Because the ideas presented are novel, even the most experienced agility competitor will find this information valuable.

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