Concept Training: Copycat? Copy Dog!

ClickerExpo 2011 - Ken Ramirez - Full length -

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This Session will focus on concept training and help attendees understand the basics of teaching an animal a concept as opposed to a specific behavior. In past years, Ken has focused on modifier cues; this year he will focus on the concept of mimicry. Ken will present the training plan he has followed to teach various species, including dogs, to mimic or replicate the behavior they see another animal perform. There will be a discussion of the challenges to this type of training and the controversy that seems to revolve around this topic.

In this Session, attendees will learn examples of concept training (modifier cues, adduction, etc.), foundational behaviors, and approaches needed to be successful with any type of concept training. Ken will engage attendees with a step-by-step look at the process used for training mimicry, the challenges of mimicry training, and the parallel pitfalls that can occur in any type of concept training.

While these are advanced concepts that not every trainer needs to know or understand, these ideas help all trainers recognize what dogs are capable of learning when the right training approach is used.

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