Simplifying Complex Training Tools

ClickerExpo 2011 - Ken Ramirez - Full length -

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The e-lists on clicker training are riddled with long discussions of particular operant methods that may or may not belong in your toolkit. Examples include the keep-going signal (KGS), the no reward marker (NRM), differential reinforcement of incompatible or other behavior (DRI/DRO), the least reinforcing stimulus (LRS), jackpots, time-outs, and a myriad of others. Many of these tools are useful only in very specific circumstances, such as highly advanced stimulus control projects. Casual or incorrect use can be confusing to the learner— or, worse, punishing.

Ken Ramirez, with vast experience teaching clicker trainers, takes away the mystery and confusion surrounding these tools. Ken will let the audience vote on which four topics are of highest interest and will go into depth on those four. Show up and see!

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