Shaping Procedures for the Agility Trainer

ClickerExpo 2012 - Emelie Johnson-Vegh - Eva Bertilsson - Full length -

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This Session is about planning and evaluating the key features of shaping sessions. Attendees will learn to custom-suit shaping procedures for agility purposes.

The fresh approach from Eva and Emelie fully integrates the principles of clicker training with what they refer to as Good Agility Practices. A maxim of Good Agility Practices is always to work with maximum focus and full intensity within your chosen system of handling. Eva and Emelie begin with the principle that everything connected to your agility should happen in accordance to Good Agility Practices. This requires refined shaping procedures where every part of the procedure is thought out thoroughly.

Shaping agility behaviors involves an interconnected set of decisions, including determining the right goals of a training session, choosing a shaping process that fits those goals, and executing the shaping process for maximum impact.

Learn to rethink how and what you shape in your own training sessions, how to choose and deliver a reward for maximum impact, and how to ensure that all of the features of your training fit with your main agility goals. Propel your training forward!

Eva and Emelie are top agility instructors in Scandinavia and are the authors of the important new book Agility Right from the Start.

This Session will include videos, demonstrations, and material to improve all your training (not just agility). While the Session is aimed at the agility trainer, all teachers and trainers will benefit.

Learn more about Eva Bertillson and Emelie Johnson Vegh