Let's Make Some Noise!: Techniques to Build Your Dog's Confidence

ClickerExpo 2012 - Emelie Johnson-Vegh - Eva Bertilsson - Full length -

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Learn how to increase your dog’s confidence and his ability to function in all kinds of situations that involve noise and movement.

Our dogs are subjected to a great many things that make noise and/or move. When your dog comes to understand these factors as good news, rather than as scary or distracting, your dog’s life becomes less stressful—and tremendous learning opportunities open for both of you. When noise and movement are welcome, even initiated, your dog has the foundation for skills that are crucial in competition training. You enable your dog to perform at his peak by offering the chance to learn these skills.

Eva and Emelie are top agility instructors in Scandinavia and the authors of the important new book Agility Right from the Start. They developed this training approach to noise and movement for the agility dog that needs to happily take on loud noises and different movements in his environment while training and competing, or while negotiating various obstacles. But this training is invaluable to all dogs—competition dogs and pets alike. Being able to not just tolerate but enjoy, and to some extent control, noise and movement is a life skill all dogs in today’s society should have. This topic is one of Karen Pryor’s favorite sections of Agility Right from the Start.

In this Session, Eva and Emelie will demonstrate, among other things, how to teach your dog to like noise and movement, how to teach your dog that he can create noise and movement on his own, and how to teach your dog to work for noise and movement! This Session is also an excellent opportunity for trainers to see great examples of the transition from classical to operant conditioning.

Come join Eva and Emelie and experience joyful noise.

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