Puppy Start Right!: Teaching Puppy Classes

ClickerExpo 2013 - Debbie Martin - Puppy Training - Full length -

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Early intervention, focused on exploration and prevention, is the key to averting behavioral problems and relinquishment. In this lecture, Debbie Martin discusses the importance of offering puppy socialization classes, and why all trainers should provide a class for dogs younger than four months of age. You will learn about the benefits of offering puppy socialization classes, the format and goals of these classes, and how to promote the service effectively.

Questions that will be answered in this lecture include:

  • What are the age recommendations for puppies attending a puppy socialization class?
  • Is puppy socialization class just an unstructured play session or a basic manners course? (Neither!
  • What happens in a puppy socialization class?
  • How do I reach the owners of puppies younger than four months of age?
  • What are the health risks when young puppies are in a class together?

Although this lecture does not go into the logistics of running a class from start to finish, it offers insight into what is involved in a puppy socialization class and how to get started. It includes a description of a puppy class format, video examples, and recommendations for course content.