Smart Start: Training Top Competition Starts

ClickerExpo 2013 - Emelie Johnson-Vegh - Eva Bertilsson - Full length -

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In competitive settings, as in everyday life, the need for great stays and great starts is frequent, but the achievement is frequently elusive. A root cause for breaking a stay is that the handler has not thought about the start behavior in enough clear detail, so the behavior is not clear for the dog!

This lecture is about creating clarity for you and your dog so that you can build and maintain a fabulous start-line stay and create a great "wait for the cue" performance. Key concepts covered include how the start cue maintains the stay behavior, the role of voluntary behaviors as powerful tools for problem-solving, shaping new behaviors using cues as reinforcers, and keeping cues "sacred."

Competitors in most canine sports, including obedience, freestyle, agility, and field trialing, will find this lecture highly relevant. In addition, it has broad applicability for anyone working to teach a dog to wait for any cue!

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