Oops! What to Do When Mistakes Happen

ClickerExpo 2013 - Ken Ramirez - Full length -

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Your dog makes an error; he doesn’t do what you expected. How should you respond? Positive reinforcement trainers will go out of their way to avoid punishment. However, is a well-timed “no” still considered a punisher? How about a kindly trained “oops” to let the dog know he should change his behavior? What options are available to the well-intentioned positive reinforcement trainer?

In this lecture, Ken Ramirez will present the various techniques used to deal with incorrect responses and share the science and practical applications for each tool. These may include time outs, no reward markers, delta signals, least reinforcing stimulus, and others. Ken explores the varied applications of redirection and share his preferred approach to get an animal back on the desired path.

Join Ken and learn how to deal with mistakes or unwanted responses from your animal in an effective and positive manner.

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