Reward Ends, Then What?

ClickerExpo 2014 - Emelie Johnson-Vegh - Eva Bertilsson - Full length -

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A desired behavior is followed by reinforcers, which strengthen the behavior in the future. That's the bottom line of positive reinforcement training. But does it matter what happens right after each reward? You betcha. What happens right after the reward is a neglected part of the training loop that deserves more focus. Whether we intend it to or not, the end of the reward will function as a cue for some behavior. The behavior that regularly happens to appear and be reinforced after a reward ends will then be under stimulus control of that reward ending. By being aware of this process, one desired behavior can be promoted and undesired behaviors nipped in the bud before they become built into the training experience.

This Session will discuss rewards both as consequences and as antecedents. Attendees will learn how to predict and develop specific behavior so that what happens after each reward is beneficial for future training. Examples and video demonstrations will be included.