When the Floor is Food: Training through Distractions

ClickerExpo 2014 - Peggy Hogan - Full length -

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Horse owners have a unique distraction facing them when they leave an arena with their horses and set out to ride. The very ground they walk on can be a valuable resource to the horse!

One of the bigger training dilemmas for a horse owner is working or riding the horse around grass or other potential edibles without having to constantly guard against the horse’s desire to snatch a mouthful here and there. But horses can learn, without being reprimanded or physically coerced, that there is a time to graze and a time to focus on the human companion instead.

This Session will include instructions, exercises, video demonstrations, and audience participation, all designed to build skills for training your horse to work willingly on and around grass. Peggy will also discuss gentle treat-taking, "leave it," and the location of treat delivery.