Triple Planning: Enhance Your Teaching

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Do you want to save time, teach more effectively, and deliver high-quality training to your clients?

It’s natural for instructors to write lesson plans that focus on what the dogs will be learning, what behaviors they will cover, and what the criteria should be. But there are three members of the learning team that need to be accounted for. Traditional instruction often focuses on the dog, with little attention paid to what the handler or instructor should be doing. A complete training plan needs a three-pronged approach: a plan for the instructor, a plan for the owner, and a plan for the dog.

In this Session, you will learn how to make your job easier and your clients more successful through the triple-planning method. Structuring lessons with triple planning allows the instructor to teach clicker training principles without overwhelming the dog and the client. Learn to organize your content efficiently and create a plan to get your client involved and participating effectively. Get concrete tips you can take home and start using in your business Monday morning!

Triple planning helps you create lesson materials, planning for what you, your students, and their dogs will be doing at every step.