Let it Be! Teaching Leave It and Drop It!

ClickerExpo 2016 - Irith Bloom - Clip -

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“Leave it! Leave it!!!! DROP IT!!!!!!!” For some people, this is an all too familiar set of phrases, and no matter how many times (or how loudly) they yell these words, the dog (or other animal) doesn’t seem to get the message. Most of the time whatever the animal picks up is not dangerous, but some objects can be hazardous to an animal’s health. The bottom line is that it’s very important to teach animals to leave or drop things on cue proactively, for safety reasons if nothing else.

In this Session, Irith takes her inspiration from Karen Pryor’s statement from Don’t Shoot the Dog, “There are as many ways to get behavior as there are trainers to think them up.” Attendees will learn a variety of different ways to approach teaching Leave It and Drop It. The focus will be on making leaving and dropping things a fun game for both you and the animal you are training. Irith will also highlight useful foundation skills that make teaching these behaviors easier. The more ways you have to approach a training task, the better -- and this Session is sure to provide you with new ideas.