Far-Sighted: The Importance of Looking Ahead

ClickerExpo 2016 - Kay Laurence - Clip -

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During training we are all vulnerable to racing to the outcome as quickly as possible. It takes discipline to manage this impulse and see that the longer route may represent the best investment for the learner and the future of this behaviour.

Short cuts are attractive; they reinforce our impulsiveness and they can fool us into believing that deep and lifelong learning has happened. Cheerleading a behaviour to happen faster, or for longer, can achieve the objective for now, but inadvertently it will have built the behaviour with critical scaffolding. When that scaffolding is removed, the behaviour collapses. What we thought we taught is not what was learned.

This presentation will look at the process that ensures the foundation skills and behaviours that we teach will be future-proofed and not just available for now. Avoiding prompts and supports that are not part of the future, and ensuring that learning is lifelong, can underpin all future behaviours solidly.