Behavior Management on a Budget: Solutions for Cash-Strapped Shelters

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Every shelter has expectations about what they want and hope to accomplish. But too often staff members in shelters become discouraged or fail to succeed because of a wide range of factors. There may not be staff members with an understanding of behavior, the number of animals can be overwhelming, and/or the number of problems is so large that staff members are focused on “putting out fires.” All of these challenges can derail the many great hopes and plans that people have for the shelter.

Many shelters have difficulty throwing organizational budget and time behind behavior management, for example. Frequently it’s left on the “nice to have if we had budget and time” wish list.

Lindsay Wood has experience building and managing behavior-management programming successfully in two very different parts of the country with two quite different budgets. As a result, she has two quite valuable insights: she understands how to succeed on a tight budget, and she knows what success looks like.

Lindsay will use these experiences to help you understand how to build behavior-management programming on a limited budget and expand the program over time. She’ll share the common challenges she has seen, and the solutions she believes will help cash-strapped shelters implement useful, practical, behavior-management programming. Let’s get going!