The Fab Five: Concepts That Will Make Your Training Rock!

ClickerExpo 2017 - Emelie Johnson-Vegh - Eva Bertilsson - Clip -

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As readers of their book, Agility Right from the Start, already know, the ideas these two trainers present transfer extremely well to training venues other than agility just as well. In this Session, Emelie and Eva will connect the dots for you, condensing their principles and procedures into “five favorites”—five concepts that will bring your training to new heights.

Are you curious about what “Good Agility Practices” look like when applied to obedience training? Can you see the similarities between heel-work and weave-pole exercises? And, what’s up with those spontaneous starts, anyway?

Everyone committed to reward-based training will enjoy learning from this Swedish duo. If you are looking for a competitive edge or simply for more joy and confidence in your training, this Session is for you!

Total run time: 1:30

Please note: There is an issue with color saturation on some of the videos in this presentation.