Retrieve Reboot: Unfreeze Your Retrieve

ClickerExpo 2017 - Hannah Branigan - Full length -

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Clicker training the retrieve is the way to go, of course, whether for business or leisure. But what about when things don’t go as planned? Sometimes, despite best efforts and intentions, the dog just doesn't follow the recipe! Why is it not working, and how can we fix it?

This Session will look at the common problems encountered training retrieve behaviors, such as:

•Reluctant dogs—“I only open my mouth for food.”

•Dogs that actually avoid the dumbbell—“Oh no… not that thing again!”

•Overly enthusiastic dogs that chomp and chew—“OMG! DUMBBELL! GIMME!”

•Dogs that play “keep away” with the retrieve item—“Mine! Mine! Mine!”

We will peel away the layers of this complex behavior chain, identify complicating factors, and diagnose weak links. We will also explore strategies to problem-solve even the most challenging retrievers!

Total run time: 1:34