Camera-Ready: TV, Radio & the Trainer

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There is nothing like the wonderful benefits that media collaboration can bring to the positive reinforcement animal-care and training community. With social media so prevalent, the media world can be a powerful ally and partner. But, like any relationship, our professionalism and the manner in which we convey important information is critical to our success. We represent ourselves as an individual, and as a representative for the animal-care community.

Television and radio have many dynamic and exciting variables. One thing is for sure, though: expect the unexpected! If you are prepared, and apply the top tips shared in this Session, you will tip the scales of success in your favor. Better yet, you will make new friends in the media community who are as enthusiastic and passionate about animals as we are.

In this Session you will learn:

  • How to make contact with various media professionals
  • The logistics of navigating live or recorded in-studio appearances and radio interviews
  • How to identify relevant animal events that can be featured topics
  • How to work closely with producers to plan for and convey concise, easy-to-follow, key points with the help of a booking sheet, call sheet, and pre-appearance guidelines
  • How to prepare live animals and handlers
  • How to maximize your message in a short amount of time
  • How to use social media outlets to share your media appearances
  • Join Laura to learn more about her own exciting media experiences throughout her animal training career. Hear more about her collaborative opportunities with media professionals for NBC5 Weekend News, WGN Midday News, WCIU-You & Me This Morning News, The Chicago Tribune, The Bark Magazine, Steve Dale’s Pet World/WGN Radio, Karen Pryor Clicker Training, Clean Run Magazine, The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB), dog*tec’s Monthly Minute e-newsletter, and about her media-training experiences working in the exotic-animal training community.

    Total run time: 48 minutes