Sarah Owings

Sarah Owings, KPA CTP, is passionate about reaching challenging learners. She specializes in using behavioral science to help transform the lives of fearful, shut-down, and over-the-top dogs. As the owner of Bridges Dog Training, and a regular contributor to online training forums, Sarah is known for her innovative approaches to tough behavior problems and for her compassionate and insightful teaching. She serves as a faculty member at ClickerExpo, an instructor for Karen Pryor Academy, and an advisor to the Glendale Humane Society in Los Angeles. Sarah is a regular contributor to Clean Run Magazine on topics such as stimulus control, release cues, and toy-related cues. She is also an avid Nose Work competitor, and, with Helix Fairweather, co-teacher of Cyber Scent, an online foundation-skills course for scent detection taught with clicker training.