Policies and Procedures


  • Anyone is eligible to submit a video to the Canis Film Festival, except as noted below.
  • The Canis Film Festival is for new works and non-commercial works. Commercially-available videos or any part thereof are not eligible, and will be disqualified without refund.
  • Any individual filmmaker is limited to three submissions per Festival.
  • Submissions may not exceed seven minutes in length, including credits.
  • A short description of the work must be submitted. Space for this description is provided on the Canis Film Festival upload page.
  • No member of the current year's Canis Film Festival judging panel may submit an entry.
  • ClickerExpo faculty members may submit entries, but under an assumed name that will hide the faculty member's identity during the judging process.
  • No employee of KPCT may enter the competition.
  • Films that employ aversive training methods, or seek to train an activity that KPCT or its designees judge as being harmful to the animal, are not permitted and will be disqualified without refund at the sole discretion of the judges and/or KPCT.


  • We are seeking sponsorship for the Festival, please contact Matt Moderski.


  • Online submissions are free of charge. We will accept up to 150 applications for this year's contest. We are currently still accepting applications. Registration is free and is required of those submitting videos. Register online.
  • It is requested that registrants upload all video submissions via our web service, but we do allow mail-in video entries on DVD. These mailed-in submissions must include a paper copy of the web registration, and will not be returned.
  • All participants must be registered.

Judging Criteria

All videos should show both the training and the finished behavior. The Canis Film Festival judging panel has final judgment on winners. Public input may be sought as part of the panel's deliberations. Videos will be judged on a variety of criteria, with emphasis on:

  • Clarity of teaching process and methods
  • Innovation in the end behavior and teaching approach
  • Entertainment value
  • Use of positive training principles, especially those using operant conditioning and a marker
  • Usefulness to target audience
  • Production quality

Submission Procedures

  • All participants must be registered and videos must be uploaded or received by midnight on July 30, 2013.
  • Finalists will be announced online in September 2013, and winners will be announced online in October 2013.
  • Video submissions should be digital and should be uploaded via the designated website or mailed in on DVD Format.
  • Acceptable format for digital submissions: wmv, avi, mpeg, or mov
  • KPCT will make reasonable efforts to process submissions, but the Producer releases KPCT from any liability if their video is not viewable.


By registering or submitting video and descriptions (collectively "Content") for the Canis Film Festival participants (hereafter "Producers") agree to the following:

  • Producers agree that the content being submitted is their own, and that they have legal and proper consent to use any animal or person featured in the video without exclusion. Producers must release-and indemnify the Canis Film Festival, its directors, and its sponsors against liability arising from the display of said content.
  • Producers retain copyrights to the videos. Producers grant to KPCT and its assignees and affiliates a royalty-free worldwide license to show or distribute for showing the videos, such rights granted from the time of the submission through the duration of the Canis Film Festival and five years thereafter.
  • Videos may be shown by KPCT for any advertising or promotional purpose related to KPCT's business or to the Canis Film Festival.
  • Videos will be accessible via the Internet and may not be afforded copy protection.
  • Producers earning Canis Film Festival awards agree to enter into the KPCT CFF Distribution Agreement within 30 days, if such an agreement is offered by KPCT within 60 days following the award's announcement. Producers further agree to complete any forms that KPCT may determine necessary to comply with governmental tax and related laws.

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