Fluency: How to Get the Behavior You Want, When You Want It

Ever wish your animal's behavior was crisper? Cleaner? Faster? Chances are, improving the fluency of those behaviors will get you exactly what you're looking for. You'll leave this Session with an understanding of the six aspects of fluency, how fluency works together with stimulus control (and how it's different from stimulus control), and ways to improve your animal's behaviors. What is fluency? How is it different from stimulus control? How does it work together with stimulus control to create tight, solid behaviors? Can you have one without the other? The six aspects of fluency: Precision -- what the behavior looks like Latency -- how long it takes the learner to start doing the behavior after perceiving the cue Speed -- how quickly the learner does the behavior Distance -- proximity between the owner and learner Distraction -- environment in which the learner can perform behavior Duration -- length of time (or reps) learner can perform the behavior You will learn how to shape for fluency for each aforementioned aspect. You decide which aspects of fluency are important for your situation. In this Session Laurie teaches you how to identify your baseline behavior and shape it toward improvement. Additional topics include: Strategic reinforcement Increasing your own skills and training “cleanliness” Record keeping and setting goals.

Laurie Luck

Laurie Luck has been involved in the dog world for more than 20 years. Her formal education includes a M.A. in psychology, but she credits dogs for teaching her the most important concepts of behavior and training.

An entrepreneur (Smart Dog University) and social media enthusiast, Laurie delights in sharing her knowledge and experience with dog owners across the country. She is committed to helping improve the lives of dogs through education of the humans at the end of the leash. Laurie's YouTube channel offers free dog-training videos, and her blog details training experiences and ideas that every dog owner will find helpful.

A member of the ClickerExpo faculty, Laurie is also a faculty member of Karen Pryor Academy. She teaches the Dog Trainer Professional program at various locations in the United States. Laurie has spoken at regional and national conferences about both dog behavior and social media.

Laurie has been a volunteer puppy-raiser for a service-dog organization since 2001. She has had a hand in raising and training more than 16 service dogs, and enjoys being involved in the education of dogs that go on to do so much good for their human partners. Laurie and her Labrador retriever, Tango, are a certified R.E.A.D. therapy-dog team and enjoy working in the classroom with elementary school students to improve the students’ reading skills.