Making Your Night Job Your Day Job: The Transition to Fulltime Trainer

Training nights and weekends and working your “real job” Monday through Friday? Wish you could tell your boss “goodbye” and train fulltime, but just don’t see it happening?

Gina and Veronica will show you how to turn your part-time or hobby business into your fulltime career. Learn to assess what you’ll need, create and implement a transition plan, and grow your business into a reliable source of income. Yes, it really is possible!

Veronica Boutelle | Gina Phairas

Veronica is the founder of dog*tec. She is the author of How to Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is and the co-author of Minding Your Dog Business: A Practical Guide to Business Success for Dog Professionals. She also writes the business column for the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ Chronicle of the Dog. Veronica is a sought-after speaker at conferences and dog-training schools across the country and internationally. She is the former Director of Behavior & Training at the San Francisco SPCA.

Gina Phairas, a central force behind dog*tec, the dog pro industry’s leading business consultancy, and a former instructor at the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, Gina now develops products that help trainers succeed and works one-on-one with dog pros to help them build their dream businesses. She is a dynamic speaker who teaches business workshops across the country. Gina previously ran a successful dog training business of her own and consulted nationally for shelters and rescue groups.