Training "Monkey Pose" - Michele Pouliot's Trick Behavior Tutorial Series



A “detail full” step-by-step trick training video from Michele Pouliot’s Trick Training Tutorial Series. This is a truly enjoyable tutorial for clicker training the “Monkey” pose, where dogs place their paws on a raised prop or the handlers’ arms and duck their head underneath that prop. In addition to learning a cute “trick”, this behavior can improve a dog’s balance and provide a fun stretching exercise. "Monkey Pose" is a fun, unique behavior to train that does not require much physical space. It provides excellent mental and physical stimulation for dogs that benefit from learning something new.

Michele uses the training of the “Monkey” pose as a means of instructing effective clicker training, including how to apply strategic reward delivery for fast learning. Dogs will have fun learning the trick and trainers will enjoy the training task. Michele offers valuable insights and nuances to clicker training skills, even to advanced trainers.

"Michele is a master shaper. In teaching the “Monkey “pose she breaks the goal behavior into small, manageable steps that are easy to train and fun for the dog and handler. The instructions, and videos are concise, easy to follow and show you exactly what to do and where to reward for success." - Cindy Mahrt, Canine Freestyle Club President for Dogs Gone Dancin’