Training "Reverse Front" - Michele Pouliot's Trick Behavior Tutorial Series



A detailed ‘how to’ tutorial for clicker training “Reverse Front Position”, where the dog faces away from the handler. Reverse Front behavior is an Advanced Position skill that provides great variety in use with other behaviors. In this 1 hour 50-minute streaming video, Michele provides valuable insights and nuances during training sessions that will benefit even the most advanced trainer.

“I cannot be more grateful for this tutorial! When I had almost given up on teaching Finn the reverse front, along came this video. Michele’s clear instruction and helpful troubleshooting tips quickly highlighted what I needed to change to achieve success. The skill is broken down into easy steps and, most importantly, was fun for us both. I was delighted to find how quickly we progressed and look forward to showcasing this skill soon!”
Sharon Gretch, CPDT-KA with Finn, R-FE/GrCH, MF/CH

“Michele continues to impress in her new DVD on teaching Reverse Front. The behaviour and training process are broken down into small manageable steps. Her calm instructions and the use of dogs other than her own makes the process seem utterly achievable. Thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Liz Chamberlain, South Africa