Striking it Rich! Gold Nuggets from Popular Horse Training Paradigms

Note: This video is excluded from the Back to School sale.

Looking back through the techniques and concepts of other horse training philosophies has the potential to be helpful and bring insights for horse trainers transitioning to clicker training. Join Peggy as she mines for usable gold—insights about horses and behavior—buried in other training approaches, insights that are both consistent with and helpful to learning and adopting positive reinforcement-based techniques.

The horse community in general is a relative newcomer to the world of clicker training. By connecting dots between past and future practices, Peggy makes it easier to adopt, adapt, and use clicker training principles with horses. For example, Peggy will look at other horse training processes and protocols, ranging from Dressage to Natural Horsemanship. She will show how to adopt popular techniques like training at liberty, developing a soft feel, and creating tactile cues, all with positive reinforcement.

Peggy Hogan

Through her business, The Best Whisper is a Click, Peggy Hogan provides clicker training lessons, clinics and online coaching, all focused on horses.

A horse-lover since the age of three when her sister put her on a pay-per-lap pony ride, Peggy loves all animals and has a passion for training. She has studied natural horsemanship in depth and immersed herself in the teachings of Peggy Cummings, founder of Connected Riding. With inspiration from Alexandra Kurland, Peggy fully embraced clicker training and positive reinforcement.

Learning from clicker trainers of other species, Peggy has investigated ways to add more shaping, capturing, luring, and targeting to her clicker training for horses program. Horses offer complex behaviors freely if given the choice, behaviors that apply to environments that range from agility to freestyle to medical procedures. All of these freely offered and shaped behaviors create wonderful riding horses. Peggy has worked with clicker training techniques in the area of horse rescue as well.