The Foundation Station: Clicker Training 101

Are you new to clicker training? You may have heard the buzz words "operant conditioning" and "marker training," but what does that mean in terms of practical dog training?

Here's a crash course on clicker training, learning theory, and the laws governing how learning really works. You'll learn what you need to know about the underlying science in order to get out of the gate fast — or to get back on track. If you start your ClickerExpo experience on Friday with this two-hour Session, you will have the foundation and vocabulary to help you understand, enjoy, and benefit from the rest of the program.

Hannah Branigan will help you understand why clicker training principles work and what the terms really mean—and she will make it fun! Attendees will learn about the following topics:

What is learning?
Classical vs. operant conditioning
The ABCs of behavior
Mumbo Jumbo and Terminology: What does it mean, and does it really matter?
Quadrant Schmadrant
Extinction (and I'm not talking about dinosaurs!)
Event markers
Cues and stimulus control
Leash, clicker, and treats… but I only have two hands?
Tips for making it work in the “real world”
This is the first course in a recommended series of foundation courses at ClickerExpo. The series is intended for new or less experienced clicker trainers and is called the Foundation Curriculum.