The Strongest Link: Back-chaining & Reliable Performance

In a behavior chain, each behavior is reinforced by the cue for the following behavior. The actual reinforcement is received at the end of the chain. Common chained behaviors in competition sports include: retrieving; heeling patterns in obedience competition, agility courses and individual agility obstacles; and many kinds of hunting, tracking, and search-and-rescue challenges.

Back-chaining refers to building a chain backwards from the end behavior to the beginning. This process creates a powerful and complex behavior in which each element remains strong and reliable. Norwegian presenter Cecilie Køste, who has trained many top European competitors through clicker training, consider back-chaining to be the single most important tool in creating the high-scoring dog, enabling you to use clicker training at its full potential. With examples, videos, and audience participation, you'll learn the specifics of back-chaining in various dog sports, and the advantages, challenges, and pitfalls of back-chaining.

Cecilie Koste