Missteps, Myths & Mantras: Keeping Your Training On Track

ClickerExpo 2014 - Ken Ramirez - Full length -

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Training is straightforward — at least when reading about it in a book! After all, isn't it as simple as remembering and applying pithy training guidelines like "Reinforce desired behavior and ignore unwanted behavior?" Despite a plethora of training mantras, established practices, and surefire recipes, many trainers find themselves heading unwittingly down one unproductive path or another, confused about their true choices and why their application of the training rules failed to produce the hoped-for result.

This Session will focus on avoiding some of the most common mistakes and ill-advised shortcuts trainers take, and explore the reasons we are often tempted to go in the wrong direction. More than a dozen common mistakes and solutions will be discussed, from looking for the quick fix for a problem behavior, to a trainer's desire to ask for a behavior "just one more time" or to use a behavior before its training is complete. Additionally, Ken will examine the myths and mantras that often misguide trainers – exploring where those beliefs or sayings developed, what they really mean, and how they can cause our training to go off plan. Examples range from the more serious belief that a dog is just a "domesticated wolf" to such commonly misunderstood sayings as "the click ends the behavior."

So, if you've gone down a training road to nowhere, don't worry, you are not alone. Ken Ramirez has made his fair share of mistakes and he's eager to share them with you! Join Ken, learn from his mistakes, and be better equipped to keep your training on track.